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What is Access Consciousness®?

Access Consciousness® with Simone Milasas

Simone Milasas is the Worldwide Coordinator for Access Consciousness®.  She works closely with founder Gary Douglas and co-creator Dr Dain Heer to bring the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness® to the world.

Simone is a Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator and offers classes in using these tools.  What if you could know that you know?  Would you be willing to have a greater awareness of the possibilities for your business, your money flows and your life?  Using the tools of Access Consciousness® allows you to have this awareness with ease!  

As well as offering the Bars, Foundation and Level 1 Access Consciousness® Classes, Simone also provides her own spin on using these tools through Joy of Business.  

Access Consciousness® Classes

Access Bars®

Access Bars® is a prerequisite for many Access Consciousness® classes because it offers you a physical awareness of what it is to receive.  Most of us are fantastic at giving and giving and giving, and we are not so great at knowing how to receive!  This is one of the ways we stop our money flows… if we are not able to receive, then money doesn’t tend to show up with ease!

The Bars are 32 points on the head that when gently touched, release the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are locked up in our body and keep us stuck in self-defeating and limiting habits and behaviours.  The Bars are incredibly powerful in that they can change and create ease with so many different aspects of living… sleep, depression, money flows, relationships, weight and body considerations, study, stress and a whole lot more!  

"Bars was actually one of my first introductions to Access Consciousness®, I had no idea what they were, all I could see was the massage table at an expo and it looked like a good idea to just lie down.  Hmmm 10 minutes later I found myself crying, and looking at how much I was unwilling to receive in my life and business.  Short story:  a lot has changed since then!  Way more fun, joy, money and business possibilities." ~ Simone Milasas

You can learn the Bars in just one day!  You can find out more about Bars classes offered by Simone Milasas  or read more about Bars

Access  Consciousness® Foundation Class

The Foundation class is offered over two days and is designed to change your life!  Is that what you have been asking for?  This class is full of pragmatic tools which undo the programming and limitations that are keeping you from being able to create the life you would like to choose!  

If you have ever wondered why you couldn’t get some things to change, or you just keep experiencing some weird version of groundhog day in your life, this class is designed to change all of that!  

You will be discovering the tools that allow you to create a totally new foundation for your life and your business.  What if all of life comes to you with ease, joy and glory?  Would you be willing to receive that? 

Simone’s Foundation classes
More about Access Foundation classes from Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer  

Access  Consciousness® Level 1 Class

Once you have changed the foundations that had you stuck, you can move into the possibility of creating a different life.  The Level 1 class offers literally hundreds of practical tools which allow you to be the creator you know you truly are!  

You’ll also discover just how much more awareness you can have when you are not stuck in the fixed points of view that are presented as what’s true and real in this reality.  

What if you could create a reality that actually works for you?  What if you could create your business, your relationships, your money flows, your body and your approach to living from a space of awareness and consciousness?  

What if you could create what you have always known should be possible? Would you be willing to have infinite being and infinite choice? This class begins to show you how.  Are you up for an adventure?

Simone’s Level 1 classes
More about Level 1 classes from Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer 

Joy of Business Classes 

Simone Milasas has been offering Joy of Business classes for over five years and offers a wealth of awareness around how to bring joy into your business.  If you have questions about how your business can be different, Simone has plenty of possibilities you can explore!  What if business could be a flow of joy and ease?  And what if money isn’t the issue?

Simone offers taster classes at some Access Consciousness® Level 2 & 3 classes, one day Joy of Business classes and monthly Business Done Differently telecalls.  There are also lots of tips from her classes on the Adventures in Business blog.

Joy of Business classes use the phenomenal tools of Access Consciousness® to bring different possibilities into business.  What if business could be totally different to what you have known until now?  Is now the time to discover the Joy of Business adventure that is possible?

“If you judge your business as perfect, will you be able to see what’s not working and what needs to change? No. Either way you’re wearing blinkers and you won’t let in information that is contrary to what you have decided. Do you know what blinkers are? Blinkers are what horses wear, so that when they are racing all they can focus on is the end point. The blinkers keep them from being aware of everything that’s going on around them. So, are you willing to take your blinkers off and be aware of all possibilities? You can do this when you come out of your judgements and become willing to receive everything.”  Simone Milasas –  Joy of Business book 

Joy of Business Book Club

Joy of Business Taster
August 2015 - 
Orlando, USA & Online 

Access Business 101
- Business Done Different
July 2015 - South Africa
August 2015 - Houston, TX, USA & Online

Access Business 102
- The Adventure of Business & Living
August 2015 - Houston, TX, USA & Online
November 2015 - Delhi, India

Leading & Creating a Joyful & Generative Team
October 2015 - Your Phone

Joy of Business Book

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