Joy of Business Facilitators!

Joy of Business Facilitators are the invitation for a new way of business – one where joy is a huge element to the creation, productivity and everyday life of business.

These facilitators have been certified in a diverse range of core Joy of Business tools which facilitate and change areas of business including money, finance, staff, creating, productivity, communication, fun, changing disruptive patterns and more.

With a background in the highly versatile and pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness® Joy of Business Facilitators (JCF’s) have a dual training background allowing them to facilitate dynamic classes that are ever changing, fun and different.

Is what you are currently doing working for you? If not, is it time to change the way your life shows up?

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Become A Joy Of Business Facilitator!


Imagine being a Joy of Business Certified Facilitator…

Yes! It’s truly possible. Imagine a world where everyone generated and created their business from the joy and gratitude of it. From joy and gratitude you have no limitations, you have no judgements and you have infinite choice. Money follows joy and gratitude. 
What if we created a world from Joy & Gratitude with business?

What we have noticed now that we have Joy of Business Facilitators, is how much any of their businesses also get incredibly greater! Three of them are best-selling authors, they are all creating greater lives, upgrading flights and choosing more than ever before.

It’s thrilling to see! Have you considered becoming a Joy of Business Facilitator?

Traveling the world, Facilitating classes with the Joy of Business material and inspiring change and contribution into anyone with blood in their veins willing to create Business as their life and their Life as their Business?

So how about it? What could YOU create with your totally different and totally brilliant capacities, knowing and contributions?

Prerequisites To Attend

Be an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

Prerequisites To Become A Joy Of Business Certified Facilitator

  • 2 x  Business Done Different Masterclasses(One live class is strongly recommend)
  • Complete Part 1 of Gary Douglas' Business Time Telecall 
  • Attend the Advanced Business Mentor class (online or shop product)
  • Be an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator
  • Complete and submit the questionnaire (links will be sent to you in your welcome email once you register for the Facilitators Training)
  • Take the 3-day JCF Facilitator Training
  • Pay the yearly license fee of $800USD*

Renewing Your Joy Of Business Facilitator (JCF) License

To renew your JCF license you must attend a 3-day Facilitators Training each year with Simone Milasas and pay the annual license fee of $800USD*

New Requirement: Attend the Advanced Business Mentor class (online or shop product)